The latest and highly useful medicine to get relief from snoring while in deep sleep, was launched very recently into the market. This product is receiving encouraging response from the customers. The strange sound which is created during the sleep either vocally or through nostrils is called snoring. 
                      Normally, these sounds are created due to the obstacles in the respiratory track trembles tissues with in the throat, namely Uvula and Palliate, which is very soft in Nature. When these tissues grows in size they are sticked to each other, this situation blocks the passage for air flow in the respiratory track. Air strikes with these tissues and creates quivering which results in to production of different types of noise,


Get relief from Snoring

commonly known as snores. Normally snores are not considered to be sickness since the person responsible is not affected, but the people around are victimized. Various Medical researches have revealed that snoring is not a natural process, but an ailment related to the breathing . system. Men, Women, Youngsters, teenagers, Children, who are living with problem of snoring are mostly deprived of a smooth respiration which may leads to further health problems. After intensive studies and researches, Varma industries has produced Deesnor, a medicine which effectively controls the snores 
* Take 10ml before 15 minutes resting to bed (or) as directed by physician. 
* Use regularly for better results.min 3 months should be used. 
* Results may vary from person to person. 
* This medicine is completely made by rare Ayurvedic roots and Herbs. 
* controls Snoring. * Removes abdominal tension, Asthma, mental tension, Bad cholesterol, Gastric problems, etc..,