The first product from Varma Industries. It is medicated herbal oil for external application to provide relief from various kinds of Physical pains. It was a roaring success and turned out to be a household name within a very short time. This product enjoys the confidence of millions of customers equally distributed among rural and urban population. It is in great demand from hundreds of distributors from all over the country. The success of this product is mainly attributed to its method of manufacturing. This product is manufactured manually under keen observation. All the ingredients are extracted from pure Indian Herbs. It is available in two volumes at affordable prices (30ml & 60ml). Pain reliever for Bone pain, Nerve pain, Joint pain, Muscle pain, Sprains, Backache etc., and all kinds of physical pains. Directions for use 

• External application only.
• Shake the bottle well and apply the liquid on aching part.
• For immediate relief use two or three times a day. .