The Medicine has been prepared after continuous research under the care of Ayurvedic Doctors with vast experienced and rich knowledge. This is the best for patients suffering from all types of Diabetic problems. More and more people including children are becoming diabetics now a days due to so many reasons like Genetic factors, stress of life, Obesity,Eating Habits etc. ‘’Diacare - B’’ effectively controls the levels of glucose in a systematic way for the great relief of the patients. ‘’Diacare – B’’ makes the pancreas to generate sufficient insulin and its proper working. 
It works effectively for both Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetics. 
It immediately gives relief from restlessness, Fatigue, Excessive thirst, Joint pains, Excessive urination and other Diabetic related problems. 
It surely makes to lead a happy family life. 

It not only cures but also prevents Diabetes. Absolutely free from side effects. Helps Diabetics in leading normal life. Type 1 patients can gradually cut down their Insulin intake till they are relieved totally from Diabetic condition. 
> Type 1 and Type 2 Patients : 
One capsule 30 Minutes before Breakfast and Dinner. Non Diabetics ( For Prevention): One capsule 30 Minutes before Breakfast and Dinner for Three months.
• External application only.
• Shake the bottle well and apply the liquid on aching part.
• For immediate relief use two or three times a day. .


FOR Prevent Diabetes