The first product Puttur Thailam from Varma Industries. It is medicated herbal oil for external application to provide relief from various kinds of Physical pains. It was a roaring success and turned out to be a household name within a very short time. This product enjoys the confidence of millions of customers equally distributed among rural and urban population. It is in great demand from hundreds of distributors from all over the country.
The success of this product is mainly attributed to its method of manufacturing. This product is manufactured manually under keen observation. All the ingredients are extracted from pureIndian Herbs.
It is available in two volumes at affordable prices (30ml & 60ml).
Pain reliever for Bone pain, Nerve pain, Joint pain, Muscle pain, Sprains, Backache etc., and all kinds of physical pains.

Normally snores are not considered to be sickness since the person responsible is not affected, but the people around are victimized. VariousMedicalresearches have revealed that snoring is not a natural process, but an ailment related to thebreathing .

system. Men, Women, Youngsters, teenagers, Children, who are living with
problem of snoring are mostly deprived of a smooth respiration which may leads to further health problems. After intensive studies and researches, Varma industries has produced Deesnor, a medicine which effectively controls the snores

       It is alarming to know that India has more number of diabetic patients and the number is going to increase at a very faster rate in the coming years. But with little awareness and care, we can achieve great results. Otherwise people have to suffer a lot physically, mentally and financially. If proper initial care is not taken Diabetes affects Heart, Liver, Kidney and ruins Health.

      Varma Industries, a reputed firm has earned a name in Ayurvedic Products. Its first production, “Puttur Thailam’’ is a roaring success in curing all kinds of muscle pains. Now the firm has Launched ‘’Diacare – B’’ to cure and prevent all types of Diabetic conditions. ‘’Diacare – B’’
beenreleasedin to the market. The Medicine has been prepared after continuous research under the care of Ayurvedic Doctors with vast experienced and rich knowledge. This is the best for patients suffering from all types of Diabetic problems.

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        A software engineer by Profession, Mr. Varma, a young man with burning ambition and highly innovative mind turned his attention to entrepreneurship and founded the herbal and absolutely safe Ayurvedic medicine to provide relief from all kinds of physical pains, control snoringetc. The innovation met with huge success instantly and thousands of customers from all over India started using this magical Herbal oil. This success prompted him to spread his Business by launching many more related medicines.

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The latest and highly useful medicine to get relief from snoring while in deep sleep, was launched very recently into the market. This product is receiving encouraging response from the customers.
The strange sound which is created during the sleep either vocally or through nostrils is called
snoring. Normally, these sounds are created due to the obstacles in the respiratory
tracktremblestissueswith in the throat, namely Uvula and Palliate, which is very soft in Nature.  When these tissues grows in size they are sticked to each other, this situation blocks the passage for air flow in the respiratory track. Air strikes with these tissues and creates quivering which results in toproduction of different types of noise, commonly known as snores.